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Scale Up Veggie Dip

Updated: Apr 20

Scale Up Veggie Dip

Well this is another from a Faves fan, and we had to try it. It's up here now, so you know we loved it! We are learning that the blends that we have made are able to be used for a lot more then we intended them to be and that is awesome! So if you don't really eat fish but love veggies and dip or just love veggies and dip try this one out.

1 cup sour cream

1/2 cup mayo

2 x Tablespoons of Jerry's Faves Scale Up

Well as far as directions go the list above pretty much covers it but then you would have nothing to read. So let's start off like we start off almost all recipes, and grab yourself a beer. I would recommend a light beer like a pilsner or a light IPA as it will go better with veggies. Now that you are relaxed and enjoying a beer, grab a small bowl. Scoop in your sour cream, mayo and Jerry's Faves Scale Up and mix thoroughly with a fork until it is all combined. Give it a little taste test and you can add a bit more Scale Up if you would like a more bold flavor. Let set in the fridge for half hour to an hour to let it bloom then serve with your favorite veggies.

Enjoy and let us know how else you have used the Scale Up



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