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Take our family favourites home.

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Who Is Jerry

Jerry was a family man who had a love for delicious food. He enjoyed playing guitar with his dad and uncles, taking on projects with his boys, and having large family gatherings with all of his extended family (which is quite large!). 

Most importantly, Jerry was our dad - he loved to laugh and gather his family over delicious meals.  In his later years, he started experimenting and creating new recipes. You could often find him on the grill or in the kitchen testing out something new. 

Unfortunately he left us too soon.

Jerry's Faves is our way to share his legacy and bring people together over delicious, homemade food. 

Our Classic Rub is one that Jerry created himself and we figured it was the perfect way to kick things off.

Who Is Behind Jerry's Faves

Jerry's Faves is a way to share our favourite family recipes that are delicious, without anything extra. We started experimenting with creating whole food using whole ingredients after some health issues crept up. After an elimination diet, we discovered sensitivities to various fillers and preservatives used in many pre-packaged products. 

Jerry's Faves is our way to share our family recipes that get back to basics. We have spent years working on recipes that are from scratch and full of flavour, just like the old days. 

Our team shares a love of family, food, & business and are based in beautiful Kelowna, B.C. 

Our family is large and loves to gather for any occasion - even if it's just because! Our goal is to bring delicious options to spice up your every day favourites and gather with the people you love or make your weeknight meal special.

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