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Take our family favourites home.

Customer Faves

K. Wilk


After using the NO BULL spice on a steak last week, I thought I would try it on a tray of roasted vegetables. I just mixed it in with a bit of olive oil, coated the veggies and threw it in the oven, It came out excellent - very tasty! I will be doing it again!




We use them on a regular basis and find the Fowl Play to be our favorite but the others are excellent as well. Highly recommend these spices to anyone. Fantastic!

Lesley N.


I tried "The Classic" on my porkchops and it's an absolute game changer. As someone who is still building confidence in the kitchen and wants delicious tasting food this was perfect for me. I've shared photos and told my family about it and now I know what I can get everyone for their stocking stuffers. It's a unique gift idea for someone who has everything, but especially for yourself! 

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