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Scale Up Poached Salmon

Updated: Apr 20

Jerry's Faves Scale Up is designed for red fleshed fish like Salmon or Trout but has many uses and we will work to bring you more recipes in the future or send us how you use them and we can add it to the list!

For the poached Salmon this is probably the easiest way to cook fish for someone that is a bit nervous it is also a delicious way to cook Salmon.


4-6oz of fish per person (common serving size but you can do more or less if you like)

1 tbl spoon butter (you can substitute olive oil but not margarine if you like but butter is best)

1 tbl spoon of Jerry's Faves Scale Up


BBQ or oven

tin foil

How to:


Firstly we will start out with a piece of tin foil aprox twice the size of your cut of fish, if I am cooking for my whole family I will put all portions in the same pouch of tin foil. With the tin foil place your piece of Salmon on skin side down this will keep the flesh from sticking and the skin will stay behind when you are done. Next we will rub the Jerry's Faves Scale up over all the flesh of the fish making sure that you have covered it. Now unlike most rubs we don't need to paste it on as I find that it is best as an accent flavor and not take over but that is up to you. Once you have your rub on take your butter and just add it in in clumps this will melt and take care of the poaching. You dont need to spread it or anything it will do all the work for you. Now that you have your rub and butter fold the ends of the tin foil in and the sides pinching together to create a pouch that will hold all the liquid and steam in.


Pre heat your BBQ to 200F and place the pouch on with indirect heat if you can. I usually turn off one of the burners on my BBQ. If you have the option the center one is the best to turn off as it will heat more evenly if you don't then about half way through cooking I would turn it. Now this is the hardest part for 20 min try really hard to not look at it as it will let the steam out so grab a beer and relax. After your done your beer then you can pull it off the BBQ we are just going to check as it may not be quite done yet because your fish could be fatter or skinner, open the pouch slightly on the thickest end of the fish trying not to let out too much heat or steam and take a fork with the lines on the fish push lightly the flesh should flake and be around mid rare. This is the time to take if off, if the fish is still rare then close the pouch back up and check again every 5 min.

Now that your fish is mid rare and off the heat this will continue to cook while you take it out of the foil and plate so it will be well done when you eat. With a spatula gently lift the portion of salmon out and place on your plate with your sides and enjoy!

Depending on when we have this we will change the sides from a nice garden salad with a venerate to alfredo pasta or risotto. We will update with some more recipes soon for sides as well but send me yours to try as well!

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