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Ribs The Classic!

Updated: Apr 20

Ribs step by step

Ribs are one of the best summer dishes, I love smoking ribs and even better is eating them with friends and family. This recipe is from Jerry him self. Now a little about the back story to this before we get into cooking because I believe that cooking brings friends and family together to share stories is what it is all about. When I was was younger my dad Jerry himself loved to cook and mainly BBQ because lets be serious that is the holy grail of cooking. Jerry spent about 3 years perfecting this recipy and that meant that we cooked and had alot of ribs I know pour me. But the one thing that I learned from that was when it was a Saturday morning and we were getting the ribs marinating and the smoker going I knew that throughout that hole day we would be having friends and family stop by to have a drink and laugh. That is my favorite thing about this, the laughter and spending time with the ones we love. Well that is enough sappy shit onto the main event.

Ribs the classic


4 - Racks of ribs (I prefer side ribs but back ribs are good as well)

1 - Pack of Jerry's Fave's The Classic

1 - Case of your favorite beer (or two I don't judge)

The Ribs

So the best part of the dish, now this is one dish that isn't to be rushed. The ribs are the toughest part of the pig so we need to go low and slow with this. Remember to create something that is amazing you need to put in the time all things good take time and any thing fast isn't good. Now the biggest thing that people do wrong is they pre boil the ribs don't do this it removes all the fat from the meat and you loose all the flavor. If you were one of these people before I am glad we finally met and I can tell you to stop that. So on a cookie sheet lay your ribs out and apply your Jerry's Fave's "The Classic" rub to them liberally, now I want you to pack this on because one 80g pack should just do 4 full racks of ribs so keep that in mind. Now that your ribs are caked in this ruby red blanket of flavor we need to wrap with plastic wrap and place in the fridge and leave for a few hour's or even better is over night. So now it is the cooking day we have some friends that are heading over for dinner so we need to figure out how long the ribs are going to take so we can eat at a proper hour. We don't want everyone to waiting until midnight for dinner and we also don't want them to be done for brunch. So a rule I use is 3 hours smoking and 2 hours basting. So what does that mean? For the first 3 hours you will have the ribs on the racks of you smoker and then we are going to wrap and finish them wrapped in butcher paper or tin foil this will allow the meat to re hydrate and fall off the bone.

Ok so now it is time to start. First step is grab a nice cold beer because we have some grilling to do. With your cold brew in hand lets pre heat your smoker to 225F and pick out what wood you want to smoke with. With pork I prefer hickory or apple but that is up to you because cherry is good as well. Hell its all good so just grab your favorite flavor. So now you have your smoker pre heated take your ribs and place them directly on the rack with indirect heat. Now sit and enjoy some beers for 2 - 3 hours. I know its hard work cooking dinner!

Ok now it has been 3 hours and you have kept it a 225F and kept the smoker topped up with wood chips, pellets or pucks now it is time to get your ribs drunk. Take the ribs off the smoker and place them on your butcher paper or tin foil add in 1/8 of a cup of your favorite beer I prefer to use a lager or darker beer as it has more flavor to each rack of ribs. Now you don't need to use beer you can use apple juice, apple cider vinegar or any other flavored liquid but I don't see much of a point in that. Now wrap them up as tight as you can and keep the liquid in and get them back on the smoker for another two hours.

Now your ribs are done. Take them off un wrap them and serve I am sure your gests are drooling by now smelling that smoker. When I serve I like to cut the ribs in chunks with 3 ribs and place onto a platter.

When I do this we like to serve with baked potatoes and corn on the cob.

Now it is time to grab a beer, eat and laugh with your friends and family. I hope you like it and happy smoking!

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