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Fowl Play BBQ Chicken

Updated: Apr 20

BBQ Chicken Thighs or legs

The Fowl Play blend was made for chicken I mean its a match made in heaven. This blend was one of Jerry's favorite blends, it is savory and has so spice on the back end just to round it out so don't let that sweet looking swallow fool you it does have a bit of a bite.

When we cook this we usually serve with roasted potatoes and salad as it is a nice light dinner for the really hot days.


6-10 Chicken thighs or legs Skin on

1 package of Jerry's Faves Fowl Play


First take and wash your chicken then place on a plate a pat dry with paper towel. Then liberally coat the chicken with Jerry's Faves Fowl Play making sure to cover completely. Wrap the plate with plastic wrap and place in the fridge. I like to leave it marinate for 2-3hrs or over night if possible.

Now that you have had your chicken marinate and all that flavor has been absorbed into the chicken get your BBQ heated up to 200 - 225 we want to use a more indirect heat for this as we don't want the skin to burn and the chicken be raw. Place the chicken on the grill and make sure to turn it regularly to keep from burning, if you can keep an indirect heat you should have no issue with burning. You will want to turn the chicken every 3-5 min for about a half an hour or until your chicken reaches 160F at the thickest part by the bone.

Now your chicken is done and your ready to eat! Enjoy and let me know what you think of the recipe.

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