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The Classic was created by Jerry himself. And just like Jerry, it's got a little spice and a little sweet. Perfect for ribs or chicken the brown sugar makes a sticky glaze and it balances out with garlic and some spice. 

The Classic

SKU: 1007
  • The Classic pork rub can be utilized with any cooking method, but we recommend a smoker or BBQ after applying liberally, rubbing it all over and marinating as long as you can. We suggest slow smoking your pork with apple or maple chips for an awesome depth of flavour and caramalization on any cut of pork. 

    Bonus tip: If using on ribs, avoid boiling and take your time. Low and slow over indirect heat will make you the hero of your next backyard BBQ. Don't forget your Kiss the Cook apron and some cold ones to really impress your friends.

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