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No Bull blend can be enjoyed on any cut of red meat or even grilled veggies, depending on your preference. It's garlicky, savory and is sure to be a hit!

No Bull beef seasoning

SKU: 1003
  • The best way to enjoy the No Bull blend, from our experience, is to drizzle olive oil over your favorite cut of meat and then apply the No Bull blend liberally. Let it sit in the fridge (covered) for as long as possible -  over night if you can wait that long. For meat, low and slow is best. Set your BBQ, oven or smoker to 200F and let it slowly work until desired cooking temperature is reached.

    For veggies, toss your favourite grilling veggies in your oil of choice and the No Bull blend and sear or sautee. 

    Bonus tip: If making a roast in the oven, the drippings make a wicked gravy.

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